Product information

Application Area
For new buildings and repair work. For priming the substrate prepared for KEMPEROL Waterproofing Systems.

At +23°C and max. 50% rel. humidity:  

  • workability time 25 minutes
  • rainproof after approx. 3 hours
  • can be walked on after approx. 12 hours
  • can receive the next coat after approx. 12 hours

Depending on the nature and condition of the substrate: 500 g/m2 

Standard colours

  • Component A cream
  • Component B dark brown  

Pack sizes

  • 2 * 1.0 kg kneading bag in a plastic pail
  • 2 * 2.5 kg kneading bag in a plastic pail


Whatever your project – KEMPEROL also offers you the supplementary material to make it a success.


KEMPERTEC D-Primer Safety Data Sheet A
KEMPERTEC D-Primer Safety Data Sheet B
KEMPERTEC D-Primer Technical Data Sheet

All quantities and times are approximate and without guarantee. For colour specifications, absolute RAL match can not be guaranteed.