Product information

Application Area
Ideal for complex details as well as refurbishing small flat roof projects or balconies. Providing quick and easy protection of roof lights, drains, gutters, wall connections and other details in connection with KEMPEROL Fleece.

Depending on the condion of the substrate: 3.0 - 4.0kg/m²

Standard colours
Anthracite (RAL7022)

Pack sizes
6.5 kg, 14 kg


    ● Form: Liquid
    ● Workability time: approx. 90 min*
    ● Rainproof after: approx. 2 h*
    ● Can be walked on after: approx. 16 h*
    ● Cured after: approx. 16 h**
    ● Further coating after: approx. 24 h***

    * Values obtained at a temperature of 23°C / 50% relative humidity. These values vary depending on the weather conditions, such as wind, humidity and temperature.
    ** With a layer thickness of 2 mm.
    *** Interruptions of more than 3 up to 14 days: Clean the working area with KEMCO MEK Cleaning Agent.


    KEMPEROL 165 Fleece Technical Data Sheet
    KEMPEROL LF Safety Data Sheet
    KEMPEROL LF Technical Data Sheet

    All quantities and times are approximate and without guarantee. For colour specifications, absolute RAL match can not be guaranteed.